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Healthcare is fragmented, and this adversely impacts quality, cost, and outcomes. For example, doctors and practitioners typically don’t have knowledge of each other’s medicines and the broad range of treatments available. Additionally, due to the rapid growth of technology and online resources, the amount of health information has increased exponentially. The abundance of information available has made it much more difficult to find the information you need. Knowing who to trust in a sea of commercial health resources can seem almost impossible.

These are significant problems, and that’s what HHP’s Real-World Data program is about. We provide independent, unbiased information from our community, including all types of medicines, to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Participate by sharing your experiences or learning about how others manage their health conditions.

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Migraines are a headache disorder characterized by recurrent headaches that range from  moderate to severe.


Lupus is an autoimmune disease that occurs when the immune system attacks tissues and organs.


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As part of HHP’s philosophy of collaboration, we are committed to partnering with local community health groups and associations to support quality improvements in healthcare, better population health and lower costs for all stakeholders.  At HHP, we are excited to work with partners in this new program by promoting the sharing of best practices and allowing the dissemination of information and data worldwide.

HHP works in partnership to deliver the Real-World Data program individually or integrated with the other elements of HHP IMPACT, such as Patient Advocacy and Patient Education.  This program provides local and global health data including causes, symptoms and treatments on specific health conditions to improve patient outcomes.

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Would you like to help us develop our new health condition surveys and the RWD program? Become an HHP Pioneer and share your voice in focus groups for new health conditions. Learn how to become a pioneer today!

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RWD is derived from a broad range of individuals’ experiences in the real world, including patients often excluded from clinical trials.

Real-time updates

RWD can provide information to patients sooner than clinical trial data. HHP’s real-world data is displayed in real-time.

Comparable outcomes

RWD enables patients to compare outcomes between a broader range of treatments.

Actionable insights

RWD complements clinical trial research and transforms it into actionable insights by adding greater value and impact.

Bridging the gap

RWD bridges the gap between clinical trial research and patient outcomes in real-world settings.


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Migraine Treatment Ratings

Our Future Plans


Expansion of the RWD program to include more conditions & regions


Increasing our collaborative partnerships with other local and international NGOs


Developing the RWD program to include mobile access

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