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Why Peer to Peer Healthcare?


We work in partnership with healthcare providers and local community health groups, delivering Advocacy Training and management which includes the integration of HHP’s Real World Data and Patient Education.


Real World Data

Our Real-World Data Health Survey helps us understand conditions most in need of research. To date, we have collected health data on Migraine and Lupus. We are currently working on adding mental health and immune conditions. Our data includes all types of medicines.


Our Patient Education program is designed for anyone interested in becoming an empowered patient, empowered caregiver or those seeking to understand patient engagement and patient-centered care.

The more information we have, the more powerful our data is. Help us gather more data by taking the Real-World Data Survey.


Our Impact Peer to Peer Program

When facing a difficult health situation, we need information, education, and support. We need accurate, unbiased, user-friendly information to best deal with our health issues. We need access to education to be able to better understand and manage our conditions and how our healthcare system works (locally). We need support when we are vulnerable, to be shown the way, to be heard and to know our rights and all our treatment options.

HHP IMPACT will solve the problem by providing information, education and support. Information is provided through our Real-World Data (RWD) Program. Education is provided through our Patient Education program and support is provided through HHP’s Patient Advocacy. The combination of these elements empowers individuals to best understand and manage their health conditions.

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